New form in Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks

Earlier this week, a couple new Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games were spotted in a Japanese magazine. The leak showed off a sandcastle Pokemon, a new Meowth, a new fish Pokemon and more. A new leak, has given us yet another look at a fish Pokemon and a new version of Raichu.

The leaker claims that the Pokemon will be officially revealed on August 12th, along with some of the other information that was featured in the Japanese magazine. If this is true, that means the Alolan Meowth, Alolan Marowak, and Team Skull will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement, as well as the Pokemon that were revealed today.

Today’s leak has revealed Raichu’s new form: Alolan Raichu. This version of Raichu will be an Electric/Psychic-type and softens the Pokemon’s appearance quite a bit.

On the following page, you can take a look at a mushroom Pokemon, what appears to be a sea cucumber Pokemon, and the new fish Pokemon.

Pokemon go has become a global phenomenon in just a week. It’s already the most popular mobile in the US… ever. And it’s eclipsed popular dating and social media apps like Tinder and Twitter. With tens of millions of people playing, the internet’s been flooded with screenshots and captions of Pokemon they’ve found in hilarious locations.

Of them, Snorlax is one of the most prolific. Known for blocking the path of trainers in the original games, requiring the Poke Flute to wake it up, Snorlax has a reputation for being an obstruction, but also one of the most powerful Pokemon around. It’s big and fat, but that’s not a downside in this case. For Snorlax, it’s a source of power, and the ability to tank hits from just about any challenger.

Snorlax is notably rare. Often only one or two can be found per game. That’s no different in Pokemon Go, but the sheer number of people playing have yielded some great screenshots. Here are some of our favorites.