How to Get Guaranteed 1,000+ on Pokemon Go

Looking to get the most out of your Pokemon GO roster? Don’t waste valuable Stardust or Candy, and don’t keep Pokemon with poor CP stats. Only capture Pokemon at certain CP levels to maximize your CP gain during evolutions — we’ve got all the numbers in the list of Pokemon below.

Captured Pokemon start life with a certain CP value, and that number is randomized based on a number of factors — chiefly, your Trainer level. Thanks to some true Pokefans and a crazy amount of calculations, players have deduced that CP values are connected to a hidden stat called IV (Invisible Values). That’s important because every Pokemon is different, and some will evolve with a better CP gain than others.

All this explanation boils down to this; Pokemon, when captured at a certain CP level, will always evolve into 1,000+ CP level versions if you catch at the CP levels listed below. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t if you just follow the numbers.

See that list below? Ideally, these are the CP numbers you’ll want to keep (and evolve) Pokemon. Don’t use Stardust or Candy to power-up — instead, gain Trainer XP and only keep Pokemon that match or exceed the CP values listed below. That’s how to maximize your CP gain when evolving.

The CP value Pokemon will reach 1,000+ CP at their final evolution. This list will help you ignore under-leveled Pokemon and know which CP values to keep.