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What New Games to Expect at the Next GameCon

GameCon is one of the biggest video gaming events in the world, in a year it usually attracts tens of thousands of participants from different countries around the globe. The next GameCon convention would be held in Galveston, TX, specifically at San Luis Resort’s Galveston Island Convention Center starting from June 3rd to 4th, 2017. There would be a host of new games introduced at the event that have never been played before, some of which include:

I. Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is set to be released at the beginning of June and would be available on both Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms. This game is anticipated to be the last one in the Tekken series, which started about 20yrs ago when Tekken was first introduced to PlayStation. This new production will feature the conclusion to Mishima clan’s saga. Already, pundits are notifying fans that Tekken 7 will be ‘dark’ and interesting.

The graphics are highly vivid having been made using the Unreal Engine 4 system, which produces vivid characters and dynamic responsive environments. As a matter of fact, this program is also the one used to create VR games, it has now been confirmed that the forthcoming Tekken 7 will also be accessible on PlayStation VR.

Moreover, fans can expect to see new warriors apart from those they already know in the game’s 20yr history. Many new characters will be introduced with new tricks, which is a great convenience for those who often say to themselves they need help from I Want Cheats in order to win fights. One of these fresh additions is Kazumi Mishima, she’s the wife of HeichachiMishima and mother to Kazuya. Furthermore, Nina Williams and Akuma have been upgraded to play at the arcade edition of Tekken 7, Fated Retribution.

II. Prey

Though the fans of this game series have been waiting for a long time, their patience has now paid off. Nevertheless, the soon-to-be-released version is not what was announced several years ago. Instead, it has been re-imagined by a totally different studio and shall now feature a futuristic cci-fi FPS system.

In the past, Prey was being developed by Human Head Gaming Company but that responsibility has now shifted to Arkane Studios. While the new developers haven’t yet mentioned which platforms its reboot would be available on, it has since been divulged that it will be accessible to all PS4, PC and Xbox One users.

In Prey, gamers awaken aboard a space station orbiting the moon in 2032, the craft is known as Talos I. One plays as the key figure of an experiment set to alter human destiny forever, but things take an unexpected turn when the station is overrun by aggressive aliens, who are now hunting down the player. While exploring the hidden secrets of Talos I, gamers must survive using their own wits, tools found on the station and special powers such as mind-bending abilities.

This game is expected to draw a lot of cheers at GameCon, considering the positive response its trailer has already elicited online. Prey will take players to a whole new level of gaming like they’ve never experienced before, featuring characters from another different world.

New form in Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks

Earlier this week, a couple new Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games were spotted in a Japanese magazine. The leak showed off a sandcastle Pokemon, a new Meowth, a new fish Pokemon and more. A new leak, has given us yet another look at a fish Pokemon and a new version of Raichu.

The leaker claims that the Pokemon will be officially revealed on August 12th, along with some of the other information that was featured in the Japanese magazine. If this is true, that means the Alolan Meowth, Alolan Marowak, and Team Skull will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement, as well as the Pokemon that were revealed today.

Today’s leak has revealed Raichu’s new form: Alolan Raichu. This version of Raichu will be an Electric/Psychic-type and softens the Pokemon’s appearance quite a bit.

On the following page, you can take a look at a mushroom Pokemon, what appears to be a sea cucumber Pokemon, and the new fish Pokemon.

Pokemon go has become a global phenomenon in just a week. It’s already the most popular mobile in the US… ever. And it’s eclipsed popular dating and social media apps like Tinder and Twitter. With tens of millions of people playing, the internet’s been flooded with screenshots and captions of Pokemon they’ve found in hilarious locations.

Of them, Snorlax is one of the most prolific. Known for blocking the path of trainers in the original games, requiring the Poke Flute to wake it up, Snorlax has a reputation for being an obstruction, but also one of the most powerful Pokemon around. It’s big and fat, but that’s not a downside in this case. For Snorlax, it’s a source of power, and the ability to tank hits from just about any challenger.

Snorlax is notably rare. Often only one or two can be found per game. That’s no different in Pokemon Go, but the sheer number of people playing have yielded some great screenshots. Here are some of our favorites.


Pokemon Go has taken over the world, raking in tons of money for both The Pokemon Company and local businesses. But its location-based play has raised many questions about the safety and legality of a game that asks large groups to perform specific actions in public spaces.

What happens when a Gym is placed on top of someone’s front yard? When a lure is dropped in the center of a quiet neighborhood? When someone unwittingly injures themselves on private property? One lawsuit has already been filed against Niantic after a New Jersey man accused Pokemon Go of encouraging strangers to trespass outside his home — will more follow?

“The biggest concern is that you’re getting a ton of people out in public that would not otherwise [have] been out there,” Josh King, Chief Legal Officer of Avvo Legal Services told IGN. “[They’re] interacting with each other, and interacting with a physical environment, and so all of the laws that apply in the real world still apply, even though you’ve got this augmented reality situation going on.”

King “would not be surprised” if someone eventually contested it in court.

King lists some of the biggest legal concerns that could possibly arise as a result of the effects of Pokemon Go, citing negligence, contributory negligence, nuisance, and trespassing as the biggest concerns. He doesn’t see the game having a big effect on legislation change, but he does admit he “would not be surprised” if someone eventually contested it in court.

With a specialty in media law, King often works on cases that correlate in some way to the first amendment. He notes that the amendment does more to protect the players than businesses.

“It’s important to remember that everyone’s got a first amendment right to associate intangible objects or concepts with tangible things, and that’s what’s really happening when you assign a PokeStop, a [Pokemon randomly appears], or you have a gym,” he explains.

“Whatever the case may be, ultimately you’re associating intangible objects or ideas with tangible things.”

This means that it’s completely legal for game developers to layer fictional animals or items on top of someone’s real business.

The most likely grievance to be filed would be a nuisance suit.

King’s advice remains consistent throughout our time speaking with him: be considerate, and take other’s property and livelihood into account when out looking for Pokemon or tracking down Stops.

“I’m hopeful that a lot of this will lead to greater and more beneficial social interaction between players,” he says. “But, you’re certainly going to have cases — at least on the fringes — of people who will abuse the system, or there are going to be confrontations and situations that happen.

“And ultimately, they just need to be aware of their surroundings and mindful of the choices they make.”

So, what does happen when a Gym is placed on someone’s front lawn and their otherwise quiet neighborhood is suddenly overrun with anxious would-be trainers in the middle of the day? Pokemon Go tends to cause people to congregate, which can be a big issue in smaller areas not used to sustaining so many people all at once.

“Game players will have to be careful of that,” he says, encouraging people to practice discretion when entering into a private or residential area.

According to him, the most likely grievance to be filed would be a nuisance suit, which would address the noise or large presence of non-residents in the area disturbing the peace.

He compares a nuisance claim to that of a person complaining about a particularly loud or rowdy neighbor.

Basically, it can be classified as “something happening off your property that impacts your enjoyment of your property.” Whether it’s teens smoking or a bad DJ at a graduation party, any sort of noise level or guest number has the potential to be the base of a nuisance suit.

Something of this caliber could potentially be used to go after the developers of Pokemon Go, he says, then adds that the recently-added feature to opt out of being a designated stop or gym helps offset that possibility.

No Man’s Sky Honest Game

If one relatively kind thing can be said of the No Man’s Sky feedback, it’s that folks are somewhat disappointed with the game they got. While there have been countless threads and comments detailing the missed hopes and expectations, it’s important to remember that there’s a pretty funny bright side to this: a brutal Honest Trailer.

The fine folks at Screen Junkies have put together an Honest Game Trailer for Smosh Games that takes a humorous critical look at No Man’s Sky, sparing no expense to poke fun at the hype that once surrounded the game. The thing about these Honest Trailers is that they’re great at highlighting that voice inside of you that pops up when you think you may have made a mistake. I think that’s called regret. Here, it’s disguised as Buyer’s Remorse, and the trailer certainly makes plenty of references to it throughout.

Old footage from old gameplay trailers are laid out alongside current in-game footage, and honestly, the juxtaposition alone is enough to show just how much things have changed. Of course, this is true for nearly all games, but in No Man’s Sky, the difference feels just that much, well, different.

And, as always, the roll call at the end delivers the biggest laugh. Honestly, I think Buyer’s Remorse has had more of a recurring role in all of my purchases than Stan Lee has had in all the Marvel movies ever created. Dang.

While I, personally, have found plenty of things to enjoy about No Man’s Sky, it seems that enough people haven’t, and less-humorous reactions than this Honest Trailer were born. Still, I find I’m thankful for this Honest Trailer if only because it holds up a humorous mirror to us, allowing us to acknowledge that we might be unhappy about something.

What’d you think? Did you play No Man’s Sky? Does this trailer hit too close to home?


Reddit user ftb_hodor has caught every currently available Pokemon in the United States in Pokemon Go, but their Pokedex isn’t quite complete.

According to ftb_hodor’s post on Reddit, they have 142 Pokemon caught, and it took them walking 153km to do so. However the actual figure may be greater: “Game recorded 153km, but it’s not all that accurate, and according to the Health app i’ve walked 129.04 miles in that time (almost all of that would be with the game open), or about 200km.”

Currently it is thought there are five unreleased Pokemon, namely the three legendary birds, Mewtwo, and Ditto. Plus, there are four Pokemon which are thought to be region specific.

Some other interesting facts about their Pokemon journey include catching 4,629 individual Pokemon, and hatching 303 eggs. The user’s most powerful Pokemon is a 2619 CP Dragonite, but their “best” is a 2226 CP Snorlax, nicknamed Marshmallow.

So, ftb_hodor hasn’t quite caught ’em all, but it’s the best anyone can do for now without travelling abroad.

This large, grey Pokemon looks to be part dinosaur, part rhino. As the evolved form of Rhyhorn, Rhydon uses its powerful horn in hard-hitting attacks and its armor-like hide to withstand heat and tough physical blows. Overall, Rhydon is an extremely strong and worthwhile Pokemon.

In an interview with Ken Sugimori, the illustrator of the original artwork for the Pokemon games, it’s revealed that the original designs for Pokemon were more like dinosaurs. This explains Rhydon’s dino-like characteristics. You’ll also find Rhydon listed as the first Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Green‘s programming data.

Because of Rhydon’s significance, you’ll often find statues of the Pokemon throughout the original games.

No Man’s Sky Has Been Discovered

When Hello Games stated that there were plenty of Easter Eggs to discover in No Man’s Sky, players across the universe meticulously searched for references to the developers, pop culture, and anything involving life on Earth. Finally, only a few days after the game’s launch on PlayStation 4, the first Easter Egg has been discovered.

While this alien monolith might just seem like a jumble of text, take a closer look. If you read each line backwards, you’ll uncover a hidden message.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, we, The Kovax, sought to boldly go where no one had gone before. And so we each took up our towels, held our thumbs aloft and hitchhiked our way across the universe to carve a monolith.

This quote references Star Wars, Star Trek, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. On the monolith, it seems that Korvax, the sentient machine species in the game, has been misspelled.

The discovery of this Easter Egg has not yet been confirmed by Hello Games, and there are already speculations that this could be a fake image. However, the references fit perfectly with the space exploration theme in No Man’s Sky.


Ditto Catching Theories Tips

So, no one has seen a Ditto. Ever. Anywhere in the world. Because of this, players have been collaborating to try and find a way to obtain this missing Pokemon. Some players in this thread on the Pokemon Go Subreddit are recording possible theories and testing them. You can see some of the most prominent ones below, though it is worth noting that as of now, none of these are proven methods to capture Ditto.

  • Note: We do know Ditto has a catch rate, unlike Legendary Pokemon, due to data mining of the game. This suggests Ditto will be catchable in the wild.

Theory 1: Ditto Will Be a South American Exclusive

There are many reasons behind this theory, the most prominent one being that Pokemon Go hasn’t been released in South America – and unlike other unreleased territories, map data is not available either. Obviously, if Ditto is exclusive to South America, no one will be able to see it until the game launches in a country in that area of the world.

But why South America? Well, in an unrelated theory, Ditto is said to be a failed clone of the mythical Pokemon Mew. Not only do they both weigh the same, but they’re the only Pokemon who know the move Transform. Mew, in the anime, was discovered in the jungles of South America.

Additionally, Ditto’s trainer in the anime is named Duplica, which is Spanish–the second most spoken language in South America.

We’ve already discovered that Easter Eggs from the anime (such as theEevee Evolutions method) are included in Pokemon Go, so isn’t entirely off base to consider other theories with the same source.

Theory 2: Ditto is Hiding as a Pokemon

There are quite a few theories that fall under this category, and for good reason. Ditto is the “Transforming Pokemon” after all.

In Pokemon Snap, Ditto appeared disguised as Bulbasaur, which are exposed by throwing Pester Balls at them. Some think taking pictures of Bulbasaur or otherwise annoying them by tapping them, will reveal one as a Ditto on a rare occasion.

In the anime, Ditto is first introduced while disguised as a Pikachu. This Ditto was unable to say “Pikachu” correctly. Because Pikachu is the only Pokemon in Pokemon Go that says its actual name, this may be related. Tap a Pokemon to hear its cry – you might be in for an unexpected surprise.

Because Ditto shares its base capture and flee rate with only the starters, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and Pikachu, (discovered by data mining) it is theorized Ditto will most likely be hiding as one of these Pokemon.

So far, Reddit has disproved the theory of naming a Pokemon Ditto, Duplica, or Imite to turn it into a Ditto. This also does not work on Pokemon that share the exact same weight and height of Ditto.

Theory 3: Ditto Is Hiding in the Background

Some flavor text describes Ditto as turning into a rock to protect itself while sleeping. Maybe Ditto is hiding in plain sight during the capture sequence with a different Pokemon. Players are attempting to look around more closely when catching Pokemon, especially if white arrows indicate there is a Pokemon behind them – which may just be a bug in the game.

Theory 4: Ditto Will be an Event Pokemon

Right now, merchandise featuring Ditto transformed into other Pokemon, marked by a Ditto face, is popular at Pokemon Centers in Japan. As a popular feature, Ditto could be an event Pokemon in the future.

Disproven Ditto Catching Theories

  • Naming a Pokemon Ditto, Duplica, or Imite does not turn that Pokemon into a Ditto, even if its weight and height are the same as a Ditto’s.
  • Evolving Pokemon with the name Ditto and/or the correct height and weight does not produce a Ditto
  • Running away from all starters, including Pikachu, does not spawn Ditto.
  • Naming every Pokemon did not trigger a Ditto encounter.
  • Naming a Pokemon with a smiley emoji, 🙂 or ): , does not result in a Ditto.
  • Holding on the Poke Ball icon to bring up the menu allows you to then drag your finger to the different menu icons to cause them to pulsate different colors. This has been experimented with greatly, with no results.

The secret of Pokemon GO

There hasn’t been a game on mobile devices since Angry Birds that has so collectively captured the hearts and minds of the world quite like Pokemon GO. Niantic’s reskinning of their previous game, Ingress, with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company’s flagship license, provides the nostalgic boon that taps directly into the childhoods of one of gaming’s most popular demographics. If Nintendo’s stock is any indication, this game is a rousing success.

It’s also a great mystery. On the surface, the game seems straightforward, but there are several nuances and meta systems are well hidden or poorly explained. These have left players clamoring for answers, many times relying on information that isn’t correct or taking chances on unproven theories. This may not change that sort of trial and error discovery process for things in the future, but it will at least drag some of the cloudiest of Pokemon GO facts and features into the light.

1. Soft Level Caps for Pokemon
The maximum level a trainer can be is 40, and the way that influences the strength of your Pokemon upon discovery is a bit nuanced. Redditor allancaesar (via Matthew Egan) posted some interesting findings about the relationship between trainers and Pokemon levels after a deep data mining expedition.

The Trainer level cap is 40.
Egg’s cap at level 20, so if you get an Egg at level 37 it’ll still hatch at the same quality as if you were level 20.
Wild Pokemon cap at level 30, meaning after level 30 everyone will find the same max CP Pokemon, and it’ll be a matter of spending candy and stardust to upgrade them to your level’s cap based on their CP arc.
Basically, the Pokemon you catch in the later levels of the game will remain a static strength. If you’re wondering when the time is to really commit candies, stardust, and that all important catchy-nickname-stuff towards what could become your permanent stable of Pokemon, it would be after level 30.

2. Battle Is Way More Intricate Under the Hood
The same data dump that produced the level cap findings also fleshed out some of the interesting combat mechanics happening behind the scenes in any given gym battle.

Moves have an accuracy rate and a critical hit rate.
Move damage may go up with trainer level.
STAB is present in the game, giving a 25% bonus to an attack move. STAB stands for “same type attack bonus” and means if a Grass Pokemon uses a Grass move it will hit harder than if a Ground Pokemon used the same Grass move. This is a big deal confirmation.
Defending Pokemon at a gym attack every 1.5 seconds.
Pokemon have a base attack, defense, and stamina (HP) – thus they do not have an attack and special attack stat like in the 3DS games.
There is more to a duel than simply tapping and sliding. Much of your success is based on preparation, bringing the logic behind the proper Pokemon iterations over to the game in smaller ways. The big take-away is STAB, which was always a huge factor in determining what kind of skills you teach your Pokemon on handhelds. With skills varying among each species of Pokemon, ones who have skills that match their type will become more favorable catches.

3. Pokemon Eggs Have Specific Hatching Results
The eggs you get may produce a random Pokemon, but there is a method to the madness. Depend on the distance of movement required to incubate, the pool from which the random Pokemon is chosen changes. US Gamer has a good chart depicting the possibilities. The Egg page on the Pokemon Go Wiki also includes information on which types of eggs produce which Pokemon.

As you can see, the longer the distance, the rarer the Pokemon. (Though, is Eevee really all that rare?) Not all travel is created equal, though. Walking speed (or some approximation of it) is the only viable speed that will track consistent progress during incubation. Driving and taking the train won’t work, as you have to keep your speed around 12 MPH. That being said, I’ve had more than one egg hatch in my car during a drive. The slowing and starting of city traffic is finally useful for something!

4. Gotta Track Them All
The little white box in the lower right hand corner of your HUD isn’t simply there to taunt you. Ideally, it’s a tool that helps your identify, track, and hopefully catch wild Pokemon. When strolling around, you’ll see up to three creatures featured in the little box. If you tap it, the view explodes to up to nine nearby Pokemon. Under these Pokemon are a set of foot prints in groups of one, two or three. These prints denote the distance the corresponding Pokemon is from you. The exact distance that each of these represent is one of most contentious and hotly debated mysteries in the game. Some folks think each represent as low as 40 meters each, some as high as 150 meters each. There’s really no great determiner here, but the Trainer Tips channel on YouTube has done some decent research on the matter. They’ve even converted the meter lengths to feet for us ‘Mericans.

How to Get Guaranteed 1,000+ on Pokemon Go

Looking to get the most out of your Pokemon GO roster? Don’t waste valuable Stardust or Candy, and don’t keep Pokemon with poor CP stats. Only capture Pokemon at certain CP levels to maximize your CP gain during evolutions — we’ve got all the numbers in the list of Pokemon below.

Captured Pokemon start life with a certain CP value, and that number is randomized based on a number of factors — chiefly, your Trainer level. Thanks to some true Pokefans and a crazy amount of calculations, players have deduced that CP values are connected to a hidden stat called IV (Invisible Values). That’s important because every Pokemon is different, and some will evolve with a better CP gain than others.

All this explanation boils down to this; Pokemon, when captured at a certain CP level, will always evolve into 1,000+ CP level versions if you catch at the CP levels listed below. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t if you just follow the numbers.

See that list below? Ideally, these are the CP numbers you’ll want to keep (and evolve) Pokemon. Don’t use Stardust or Candy to power-up — instead, gain Trainer XP and only keep Pokemon that match or exceed the CP values listed below. That’s how to maximize your CP gain when evolving.

The CP value Pokemon will reach 1,000+ CP at their final evolution. This list will help you ignore under-leveled Pokemon and know which CP values to keep.

Gotta Catch Em All 12

Pokémon Go may have already overtaken Tinder and be creeping up on Twitter, but look up from catching that Dratini for just a second and pay attention! If you think finding a dead body during a stroll is bad, here are 12 Pokémon conspiracies that might just ruin your childhood – from mass genocide to possessed PokéBalls, the Pokémon fans sure have a warped mind when it comes to the cute pocket monsters. Whilst wepatiently await Pokémon Sun & Moon, here is a run down of some of the craziest theories to come out of the long grass in the past 20 years…tin foil hats at the ready!

 1. War Of The Worlds

Wow, there sure are a lot of children wandering around here, maybe it is because adults playing with anthropomorphic monsters is a bit weird, or maybe it is something all together more sinister! There is a theory that our heroes are left to potter around unsupervised because there simply aren’t enough adults around following a ‘Great War’. In fact, this one is so widely accepted, the theory has theories about the theory! It all comes from what Lt. Surge says to you way back when:

Hey kid! What do you think you’re doing here? You won’t live long in combat!
That’s for sure! I tell you what kid, electric Pokèmon saved me during the war!

Are Surge’s words just a coincidence? Well, let’s look at the facts. In the original games you play Red (you have no father), and your rival is an orphan. Most of the adults you meet are either very old, gym leaders, or have a military background. At this point, you realise there was the Great Kanto War, where the majority of adults were killed off! This would also explain the alarming amount of nurses and hospitals, plus why everyone is constantly battle-ready.

2. Bones

No, this isn’t a case for David Boreanaz, this is the rather grim tale ofCubone and its rather unusual headwear. When a mother Kangaskhan dies, the poor orphan is left to fend for itself. The orphan wears its mothers skull and becomes Cubone – when Cubone evolves into Marowak, the skull fuses with the head. Female (and only female) Marowaks can later evolve into Kangaskhans and the cycle starts again. The morbid theory hypothesises that as Pokémon is a kid’s game, this story was too much to take and so Kangaskhan was separated into its own form. You can go on to back up the theory with the fact that Kangaskhan relates to the word ‘kangaroo’ and Cubone knows the move ‘boomerang’…struth Sheila! There in a nine -minute video here for those who want to go into greater depth!

3. Koff It Up

Team Rocket’s Pokémon choices were never going to be the best of the bunch, but a big purple ballooon…really?!? Both Koffing/Weezing can only be found in the Pokémon Mansion – an abandoned lab from the original games, so what was T.R. up to in there? Reddit tells us that evil Team rocket were trying to recreate a ghost-type Pokémon by cloning their gaseous forms. Whatever they were cooking up in there, it looks like they ballsed it up, ending up with two gaseous fart bags instead of the intended ghost-type. Also, if you look at the skull and cross-bones on the Pokémon’s chests, it would suggest man-made. The symbol is the universal mark for toxic, so unless Koffing/Weezing have some pretty clever birth marks, it looks like someone made them this way

4. Million Dollar Bill

Think before you heal! Ever wonder how the Poké-Center will heal your Pokémon and let you go on your way without so much as a dime? Sure, we have Obamacare, but what pays to keep the lights running and the Nurse Joys joyful? You may just be a child, so you aren’t going to foot the bill, but someone has to! Enter mommy dearest. As you trot around having the adventure of your life, your mom waits at home as the bills pile up. Now not only a widow, but in over her head with hospital bills!

5. Ground Zero

Whilst Pokémon Go is currently getting itself into hot water for peoplecollecting at the 9/11 memorial, this isn’t first time the games have caused controversy at Ground Zero. If great wars and bankrupting your mother weren’t bad enough, how about a Poké-world where 9/11 still happened, thanks to the twisted theory sets the Black and white games in a post-9/11 aftermath. The theory is so controversial, Cracked did an article including it in ‘The 9 Most Offensive 9/11 References in Pop Culture’. Director Junichi Masuda even revealed that the Unova was based on New York City, but was the mistake intentional? You can clearly see Unova’s pond match up to Central Park, but what about that desolate wasteland in the middle…is this Ground Zero?