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unduhan-9Over on a Pokémon Go Facebook group, Articuno’s owner kaitcovey claims to have been sent the legendary bird from the game’s developer Niantic after contacting them about an issue.

Seen below, a video making the rounds shows Articuno as a gym leader in the Ohio area. This is further corroborated by a Reddit thread of users claiming to have seen the same gym, with the same Pokémon guarding it. (UPDATE: The alleged Pokemon was also shown off on a Twitch livestream, in which kaitcovey showed off the Pokemon and attempted to prove its authenticity.)

While it’s possible Niantic could be giving out Pokémon as apology gifts, asEurogamer points out, there’s also a possibility the game’s data may have been modified. The Pokemon series has always had a dedicated fanbase who enjoy manipulating the game’s code – either via Action Replay-style devices or downloadable PC software – to alter Pokemon, be it EVs and IVs, moves, or shiny status.

Whether someone has used an outside device to manipulate the game’s code – to


images-9If we’ve learned anything from Pokemon Go, it’s that people will go to great lengths in order to successfully beef up their Pokedex and increase their levels. Some travel the world in an attempt to catch ‘em all, some make additional purchases for phone battery packs to maintain a good charge, and others accidentally stumble off a pier trying to line up the perfect shot.

But a subgroup of players have taken things a step further, harnessing the power of technology to create their own tools used to game the system and guarantee success in Pokemon Go. While many of these venture into morally gray territory — particularly those that cheat the mechanics and skip the intended progression — it just goes to show that people will use any means necessary to become Pokemon Masters.

A majority of these techniques use the Android version of the game, since it’s marginally easier to modify than iOS. IGN doesn’t condone the use of any third-party applications designed to skip the intended Pokemon Go progression path, not only because

Battlefield 1 is best games for male

images-10DICE and Electronic Arts’ latest entry in the Battlefield franchise is marching to a trench line near you, but what do we actually know about it so far?
The easy stuff first: There’s a battle, there are fields and 1 is considered the loneliest number. Fortunately there’s a lot more to Battlefield 1 than that and below is a growing list of facts drip feeding out of DICE and EA.
When is it set?
There’s a double meaning to the name Battlefield 1 as it ties nicely with its time period, which is arguably the very first major conflict of ‘modern warfare’. World War One or The Great War is the backdrop to Battlefield 1, but it’s not exactly how the history books remember it.
It’s got a bit of alternate history to its narrative excusing the reason why so many prototype weapons have joined the fray en masse in Battlefield 1. These prototypes did in fact exist but were rarely ever

What New Games to Expect at the Next GameCon

GameCon is one of the biggest video gaming events in the world, in a year it usually attracts tens of thousands of participants from different countries around the globe. The next GameCon convention would be held in Galveston, TX, specifically at San Luis Resort’s Galveston Island Convention Center starting from June 3rd to 4th, 2017. There would be a host of new games introduced at the event that have never been played before, some of which include:

I. Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is set to be released at the beginning of June and would be available on both Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms. This game is anticipated to be the last one in the Tekken series, which started about 20yrs ago when Tekken was first introduced to PlayStation. This new production will feature the conclusion to Mishima clan’s saga. Already, pundits are notifying fans that Tekken 7 will be ‘dark’ and interesting.

The graphics are highly vivid having been made using the Unreal Engine 4 system, which produces vivid characters and dynamic responsive environments. As a matter of fact, this program is also the one used to create VR games, it has now been confirmed that the forthcoming Tekken 7

New form in Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks

Earlier this week, a couple new Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games were spotted in a Japanese magazine. The leak showed off a sandcastle Pokemon, a new Meowth, a new fish Pokemon and more. A new leak, has given us yet another look at a fish Pokemon and a new version of Raichu.

The leaker claims that the Pokemon will be officially revealed on August 12th, along with some of the other information that was featured in the Japanese magazine. If this is true, that means the Alolan Meowth, Alolan Marowak, and Team Skull will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement, as well as the Pokemon that were revealed today.

Today’s leak has revealed Raichu’s new form: Alolan Raichu. This version of Raichu will be an Electric/Psychic-type and softens the Pokemon’s appearance quite a bit.

On the following page, you can take a look at a mushroom Pokemon, what appears to be a sea cucumber Pokemon, and the new fish Pokemon.

Pokemon go has become a global phenomenon in just a week. It’s already the most popular mobile in the US… ever. And it’s eclipsed popular dating and social media


Pokemon Go has taken over the world, raking in tons of money for both The Pokemon Company and local businesses. But its location-based play has raised many questions about the safety and legality of a game that asks large groups to perform specific actions in public spaces.

What happens when a Gym is placed on top of someone’s front yard? When a lure is dropped in the center of a quiet neighborhood? When someone unwittingly injures themselves on private property? One lawsuit has already been filed against Niantic after a New Jersey man accused Pokemon Go of encouraging strangers to trespass outside his home — will more follow?

“The biggest concern is that you’re getting a ton of people out in public that would not otherwise [have] been out there,” Josh King, Chief Legal Officer of Avvo Legal Services told IGN. “[They’re] interacting with each other, and interacting with a physical environment, and so all of the laws that apply in the real world still apply, even though you’ve got this augmented reality situation going on.”

King “would not be surprised” if someone eventually contested it in court.


No Man’s Sky Honest Game

If one relatively kind thing can be said of the No Man’s Sky feedback, it’s that folks are somewhat disappointed with the game they got. While there have been countless threads and comments detailing the missed hopes and expectations, it’s important to remember that there’s a pretty funny bright side to this: a brutal Honest Trailer.

The fine folks at Screen Junkies have put together an Honest Game Trailer for Smosh Games that takes a humorous critical look at No Man’s Sky, sparing no expense to poke fun at the hype that once surrounded the game. The thing about these Honest Trailers is that they’re great at highlighting that voice inside of you that pops up when you think you may have made a mistake. I think that’s called regret. Here, it’s disguised as Buyer’s Remorse, and the trailer certainly makes plenty of references to it throughout.

Old footage from old gameplay trailers are laid out alongside current in-game footage, and honestly, the juxtaposition alone is enough to show just how much things have changed. Of course, this is true for nearly all games, but in No Man’s Sky, the difference feels just that much, well, different.

And, as


Reddit user ftb_hodor has caught every currently available Pokemon in the United States in Pokemon Go, but their Pokedex isn’t quite complete.

According to ftb_hodor’s post on Reddit, they have 142 Pokemon caught, and it took them walking 153km to do so. However the actual figure may be greater: “Game recorded 153km, but it’s not all that accurate, and according to the Health app i’ve walked 129.04 miles in that time (almost all of that would be with the game open), or about 200km.”

Currently it is thought there are five unreleased Pokemon, namely the three legendary birds, Mewtwo, and Ditto. Plus, there are four Pokemon which are thought to be region specific.

Some other interesting facts about their Pokemon journey include catching 4,629 individual Pokemon, and hatching 303 eggs. The user’s most powerful Pokemon is a 2619 CP Dragonite, but their “best” is a 2226 CP Snorlax, nicknamed Marshmallow.

So, ftb_hodor hasn’t quite caught ’em all, but it’s the best anyone can do for now without travelling abroad.

This large, grey Pokemon looks to be part dinosaur, part rhino. As the evolved form of Rhyhorn, Rhydon uses its powerful horn in hard-hitting

No Man’s Sky Has Been Discovered

When Hello Games stated that there were plenty of Easter Eggs to discover in No Man’s Sky, players across the universe meticulously searched for references to the developers, pop culture, and anything involving life on Earth. Finally, only a few days after the game’s launch on PlayStation 4, the first Easter Egg has been discovered.

While this alien monolith might just seem like a jumble of text, take a closer look. If you read each line backwards, you’ll uncover a hidden message.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, we, The Kovax, sought to boldly go where no one had gone before. And so we each took up our towels, held our thumbs aloft and hitchhiked our way across the universe to carve a monolith.

This quote references Star Wars, Star Trek, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. On the monolith, it seems that Korvax, the sentient machine species in the game, has been misspelled.

The discovery of this Easter Egg has not yet been confirmed by Hello Games, and there are already speculations that this could be

Ditto Catching Theories Tips

So, no one has seen a Ditto. Ever. Anywhere in the world. Because of this, players have been collaborating to try and find a way to obtain this missing Pokemon. Some players in this thread on the Pokemon Go Subreddit are recording possible theories and testing them. You can see some of the most prominent ones below, though it is worth noting that as of now, none of these are proven methods to capture Ditto.

  • Note: We do know Ditto has a catch rate, unlike Legendary Pokemon, due to data mining of the game. This suggests Ditto will be catchable in the wild.

Theory 1: Ditto Will Be a South American Exclusive

There are many reasons behind this theory, the most prominent one being that Pokemon Go hasn’t been released in South America – and unlike other unreleased territories, map data is not available either. Obviously, if Ditto is exclusive to South America, no one will be able to see it until the game launches in a country in that area of the world.

But why South America? Well, in an unrelated theory, Ditto is said to be a failed clone of the mythical Pokemon Mew.

The secret of Pokemon GO

There hasn’t been a game on mobile devices since Angry Birds that has so collectively captured the hearts and minds of the world quite like Pokemon GO. Niantic’s reskinning of their previous game, Ingress, with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company’s flagship license, provides the nostalgic boon that taps directly into the childhoods of one of gaming’s most popular demographics. If Nintendo’s stock is any indication, this game is a rousing success.

It’s also a great mystery. On the surface, the game seems straightforward, but there are several nuances and meta systems are well hidden or poorly explained. These have left players clamoring for answers, many times relying on information that isn’t correct or taking chances on unproven theories. This may not change that sort of trial and error discovery process for things in the future, but it will at least drag some of the cloudiest of Pokemon GO facts and features into the light.

1. Soft Level Caps for Pokemon
The maximum level a trainer can be is 40, and the way that influences the strength of your Pokemon upon discovery is a bit nuanced. Redditor allancaesar (via Matthew Egan) posted some interesting findings about the relationship between

How to Get Guaranteed 1,000+ on Pokemon Go

Looking to get the most out of your Pokemon GO roster? Don’t waste valuable Stardust or Candy, and don’t keep Pokemon with poor CP stats. Only capture Pokemon at certain CP levels to maximize your CP gain during evolutions — we’ve got all the numbers in the list of Pokemon below.

Captured Pokemon start life with a certain CP value, and that number is randomized based on a number of factors — chiefly, your Trainer level. Thanks to some true Pokefans and a crazy amount of calculations, players have deduced that CP values are connected to a hidden stat called IV (Invisible Values). That’s important because every Pokemon is different, and some will evolve with a better CP gain than others.

All this explanation boils down to this; Pokemon, when captured at a certain CP level, will always evolve into 1,000+ CP level versions if you catch at the CP levels listed below. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t if you just follow the numbers.

See that list below? Ideally, these are the CP numbers you’ll want to keep (and evolve) Pokemon. Don’t use Stardust or Candy to power-up — instead, gain Trainer XP and only keep Pokemon that match or exceed

Gotta Catch Em All 12

Pokémon Go may have already overtaken Tinder and be creeping up on Twitter, but look up from catching that Dratini for just a second and pay attention! If you think finding a dead body during a stroll is bad, here are 12 Pokémon conspiracies that might just ruin your childhood – from mass genocide to possessed PokéBalls, the Pokémon fans sure have a warped mind when it comes to the cute pocket monsters. Whilst wepatiently await Pokémon Sun & Moon, here is a run down of some of the craziest theories to come out of the long grass in the past 20 years…tin foil hats at the ready!

 1. War Of The Worlds

Wow, there sure are a lot of children wandering around here, maybe it is because adults playing with anthropomorphic monsters is a bit weird, or maybe it is something all together more sinister! There is a theory that our heroes are left to potter around unsupervised because there simply aren’t enough adults around following a ‘Great War’. In fact, this one is so widely accepted, the theory has theories about the theory! It all comes from what Lt. Surge says to you way

What is The Pokemon Nests

A Pokemon Nest is an area where Pokemon consistently appear day after day. These don’t usually include common pokemon that appear everywhere – like Zubats, Pidgeys and Rattatas – but instead focus on other normal to rare pokemon that can be found in certain areas, like parks or communities.

Pokemon Nests can’t be seen on the map, although the rustling grass is a good indicator that pokemon will usually appear in the area. These don’t include rare pokemon that may appear anywhere on the map at any time, but may reflect rare pokemon that do show up in a certain area every so often.

Recently, Users have noticed that certain Pokemon Nests have begun to shift, and now consistently spawn entirely new pokemon that were rarely seen in the area before. For example, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was a place to always find Mankeys, and New York’s Central Park always had Pinsirs. As of July 29th,

The hardest Pokemon to catch

Catching Pokemon in one of the hottest mobile games of all time is not always easy, regardless of bugs and other annoyances that might cause you even more trouble than normal. That’s because not all Pokemon have the same capture rates, a recent video explained. Furthermore, a high flee rate will make it difficult to catch some of the creatures in Niantic’s hit game. That means you’ll be able to catch some of them a lot easier than others, and you might have a tough timecatching them all, as the saying goes.

In what follows, you can see a list of the 15 most difficult Pokemon Go characters to catch, as compiled by Business Insider.

You should make note that the base percentages change as your Trainer increases. If you want to have any hope at all of catching the Pokemon on this list, you should definitely invest in better balls and berries for them.

8% base-capture rate

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The most fun of games is KRAFTY KOOPA

Material Needs, Perler beads :

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark yellow
  • Light yellow
  • White
  • Dark green or Dark red
  • Green or Red
  • Light green or light red
  • Peg boards
  • Ironing/ perler paper
  • Iron
  • Hot glue gun & glue stick


To begin, use the question block guide below to lay out 4 of these blocks onto your peg boards.

Next, we need to remove some of the perler beads on the side edges of each sprite. Make sure to do this BEFORE you iron the beads together. On two of your question blocks follow the pattern: keep two, remove two starting at the bottom and working upward. For the other two question blocks follow the reverse pattern: remove two, keep two starting at the bottom and working upward. The pictures provided below show what the final products should look like.

Once all the appropriate perler beads have been placed and then removed from your question block, place perler paper over them and iron them together.


Use the guide below to create the bottom and top panels.

When all your perler beads are placed appropriately on the peg board place ironing paper over them and iron them together.